All Kähler tableware (cups, plates and breakfast bowls) is covered by a breakage warranty. The breakage warranty means that you can receive a new, corresponding item free of charge by submitting a warranty certificate with the original purchase receipt and the broken item.

The breakage warranty applies to items purchased from 1 January 2016 in shops that are part of the breakage warranty scheme, in Kähler flagship stores and from Kähler’s online shop

The breakage warranty only covers ceramic items

The breakage warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase and covers only first quality items. The warranty does not cover intentional breakage or breakage due to gross negligence. The warranty can only be exercised once per item, and it can only be exercised for the number of times that correspond to the number of items purchased.

The breakage warranty does not apply to items, which, at the time of exercising the warranty, have been discontinued from our range. For discontinued items, a similar – but not identical – item will be provided instead. The warranty only provides for an exchange and no monetary refund will be given. Delivery time in connection with exchanges may occur.

The breakage warranty only applies for purchases by private individuals and can only be exercised by private individuals

Purchase and use by commercial enterprises are not covered by the breakage warranty and the breakage warranty cannot be exercised by commercial enterprises.

Exchanges in the event of breakage can be made in the shop or chain, from which the product was purchased or in Kähler flagship stores.

If the item was purchased in Kähler’s online shop, your receipt also serves as warranty certificate. If damage occurs, save the fragments, then, take a photo of them and send that photo with a copy of the receipt to our customer services at [email protected] You will then receive a new equivalent item free of charge. The consumer must cover the costs of transport or shipping in connection with exercising the warranty.

Kähler may terminate the breakage warranty scheme at any time without prior notice.

The termination of the warranty scheme only affects purchases made after the termination of the scheme. This means that all purchases made prior to termination of the warranty scheme are covered by the breakage warranty for 24 months from the date of purchase.

This breakage warranty does not affect your rights as a consumer under other legislation, including the right to warranty claims under the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

Read more about our general terms and conditions here - click here


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