The stripes on my Omaggio product are not identical, is that a flaw?

Reply: No, the Omaggio interior decor products are hand painted with a brush, and therefore the expression, the size and the colour of the brushstrokes may vary. This is the charm of the product and what makes it unique.

Is my tableware microwave safe?

Reply: Kähler tableware is microwave safe, but it should not be empty when put into the microwave. The product may not be exposed to large temperature fluctuations and therefore you should not pour water into a cup that was just taken out of the microwave. 

My Christmas candles do not fit into my Avvento candle holder. Do I need to buy certain kinds of candles for it?

Reply: The Avvento candle holder is designed to fit standard Christmas candles. Our products are handmade ceramics, and since ceramics is a living material, none of our products are exactly alike. This also goes for the Avvento candle holders, where the size of the candle hole may vary a bit. If the Christmas candle does not fit, then try warming up the bottom of the candle, as this makes the texture of the candle more manageable. 

Why are some of my Kähler products more fragile than others?

Reply: Ceramic products come in various forms. Kähler products come in porcelain, stoneware or faience. Each material has its own expression and advantages, and therefore the fragility of the Kähler product also varies according to range or category. The faience material is particularly vulnerable to knocks and large temperature fluctuations, and therefore you should handle it with care, i.e. by gentle cleaning. 

Are my Kähler products dishwasher proof?

Reply: The Kähler kitchen products are dishwasher proof, but they must be handled with care. High dishwasher temperatures, large temperature fluctuations or any kind of knock from other items in the dishwasher may cause chips or cracks, especially for products made of faience. Using the dishwasher may shorten product life.
We do not recommend putting the Kähler interior decor products (vases, candle holders etc.) in the dishwasher.
For recommendations about the handling of a specific Kähler product, please see the extra information in the webshop. 

Breakage warranty?

Reply: All Kähler tableware (cups, plates and breakfast bowls) is covered by a breakage warranty. The breakage warranty means that you can receive a new, corresponding item free of charge by submitting a warranty certificate with the original purchase receipt and the broken item - read more

My Kähler product has a flaw, who should I address with this problem?

Reply: We recommend that you contact the place where the Kähler product was bought. Alternatively, you may contact the Kähler Customer Support. For claims or returns, please remember the original receipt. You can contact the Kähler Customer Support at +45 53 60 27 07 or [email protected]

I have some early Kähler items that I would like have valued. Would you be able to help me with that?

Reply: We also find early Kähler items very interesting. However, at Kähler Design we cannot help you with this kind of valuation. Instead, we kindly direct you to the Danish auction houses that have lots of experience with the valuation of early Kähler items. 

How do I find dealers of the specific Kähler product that I am searching for?

Reply: Please check our dealer list by using this link. You may also contact the Kähler Customer Support at +45 53 60 27 07 or [email protected]


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