Hammershøi Christmas Bonbonnière Ø11,5 cm


Art. nr. 693133

Height: 8,5 cm

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Let Hammershøi take charge of this year’s Christmas bonbonniere. This Christmas collection from Kähler is designed by Hans-Christian Bauer and Rikke Jacobsen and is a classic, pure collection for any home. Here, you have this year’s bonbonniere, measuring 11.5 centimetres, perfect for those wonderful Christmas moments. It is made from white porcelain with detailed ornamentation of spruce with small, nature-based figures and details. The fluted pattern in the porcelain is classic for this Hammershøi collection, maintaining the special features visible throughout the collection. You should always wash this by hand to keep all the details intact.

Hans-Christian Bauer & Rikke Jacobsen


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