The vase was almost born as an icon when Omaggio was launched in 2008. With its soft stripes, it is a small functional work of art, which characterizes precisely the best of our Nordic design heritage. For functionality and craftsmanship are the core elements of Danish design classics. But the magic only arises when aesthetics and originality are added that give an immediate desire to touch or use the product - and that is the art of iconic design.

Omaggio was created by designer duo Stilleben / Ditte Reckweg & Jelena Schou Nordentoft. A new generation of designers who help define classic Danish design in our time. Kähler has always given way to new talents side by side with the very best established artists and designers. History shows us that there is no need to change it.



Meet Stilleben

Ditte Reckweg & Jelena Schou Nordentoft have a grip on the otherwise flighty term 'time spirit'. With a safe hand they have created a business around Stilleben, which is both their designer name and their interior stores in Copenhagen. Stilleben is highlighted by international media for being a unique shopping destination with a personally selected mix of handmade ceramics, textiles, unique products, accessories, furniture and poster art.

They both graduated from the Danish Design School on the line for ceramics and glass, where they met and bonded both friendship and business ties in a mutual enthusiasm for good craftsmanship and unique products. Based on this, since 2002 they have traveled around the globe to hand-pick exciting designs for Stilleben and at the same time show the way to new 'trends & classics' in both their own products and in designs for large Danish designer brands - such as the Omaggio vase for Kähler.




noun [ masculine ] | o’madːʒo |



The designer duo behind Omaggio wanted to create a modern tribute to Kähler's world-famous art pottery. With the color variant Scarlet, a high-red hue has been added to our signature design, which with an intense undertone of orange adds to a warm atmosphere in the home.


"The red Scarlet color stains in Omaggio's iconic and graphically distinct language. A bold and ever-valid color that is part of the three primary colors."

– Jelena Schou Nordentoft, Designer.





Crafts and design are two sides of the same case at Kähler, which for almost two centuries has been the epitome of high quality ceramics. Every single product that carries our signature HAK is meticulously handmade.And it takes a very special neatness to paint the characteristic stripes. In the hand of course, which makes the individual vase charmingly unique. In fact, the inspiration for the stripes is drawn from one of the most accomplished painters in Kähler's old workshop, who created a striped design that Still Life has reinterpreted at Omaggio.




As a modern classic in Scandinavian design history, Omaggio simply brings the Nordic atmosphere to the home with very simple elements from nature. Although Danish design is often characterized by functionality, the icons at the same time stand out beautifully to themselves as an artistic feature of the home with the only function to decorate. A democratic showpiece.

Our Omaggio vases have between five and seven stripes, depending on the size. To consider skilled hands give each vase character with one stripe after another is almost mesmerizing. And while it looks playfully light, it takes the finesse and years of experience to decorate the vase perfectly. An exact speed of the turntable. Carefully match the amount of paint on the brush. And a soft movement with the hand.



Omaggio Scarlet vase in three sizes

The bright red stripes on Omaggio add an exciting glow to each room. On the floor, table, window sill or anywhere in the home. The vases are available in three different sizes.



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