A beautiful figurine is a distinctive and unique statement and a form of artistic expression that is both fascinating and has its own story to tell.



This figurine, The Dreamer, tells us to dare to dream and transform those dreams into reality. 

The figurine is unglazed, organic and unpolished, and its simple, uncomplicated look makes it a perfect gift for a high school graduation, confirmation or any other important special occasion, when exciting experiences lie ahead.

The design and form of expression are captivating and enchanting and speak their very own language.

The Dreamer is one of five figurines in the Character range, created by the sculptor Malene Bjelke in collaboration with Kähler.


The Hedonist expresses the meaning and value of taking a break, drawing a deep breath and enjoying life.

It is a tribute to taking things as they come and always remembering that tomorrow is another day. Enjoy life and value the little things in life and the small, every-day miracles.

The figurine is organic and timeless and its unglazed finish makes it both artistic and decorative.


The Attentive One pays tribute to those thoughtful, considerate people who are solicitous of other people and there for them. 

Its unglazed design and soft, feminine curves make the figurine both organic and naturalistic. 

This unique, beautiful figurine is the perfect gift for a caring mother, an unselfish friend or anyone who deserves an extra loving thought.

Each sculpture tells its own story and represents in each their own way the beauty in us humans.


The figurine, The Curious One reminds us to be curious throughout our lives, always exploring and trying something new. 

Its organic, universal idiom means it can accompany its owner through all the stages of life and is a perfect gift for a christening, confirmation or high school graduation.

The edgy, imperfect, unpolished appearance of the five Character figurines creates a great sense of space, portraying the beauty of being human.


The Reflective One inspires thoughtfulness and reminds us to take time to think about life and what is going on in the world around us. 

The figurine also encourages us to give both other people and ourselves a little consideration in the midst of our hectic lives. 

Character makes a unique decorative statement. The figurines speak their very own clear, uncomplicated language, portraying life’s thoughtfulness in a simplified universe.

The distinctive figurines will be available in our webshop and store from week 42 and cost 69,90 GBP.


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