GRO - Flowerpots

Bring on the joy of green plants in unique, handmade tubs and flowerpots that create life and an earthy feel indoors and out.


There’s something about plants that makes them easy for us to relate to. We take care of them and fuss over them; we watch them grow, and they become part of our lives. They bring nature closer to us and create a sense of tranquility, balance and joy. Plants do us good, and having the right flowerpot or tub means we can do something good for them too.

The GRO range has a raw, grounded style, with earthy tones to contrast beautifully with vibrant, green plants. The shapes and patterns are geometric, but the style is tactile and organic, as each flowerpot and tub is handmade and fired in a process that gives each one a unique finish.

With the right tub or flowerpot, you can give your plants a whole new look and give your décor an edge – for example, by combining several GRO flowerpots of different sizes, or placing a single GRO tub among other tubs for contrast. The entire GRO range is weatherproof and can be used in the garden, on the balcony or roof terrace – or, of course, indoors.




The GRO range is designed by the renowned ceramist Christian Bruun, who took inspiration from the variability of nature and the interplay of light and shade. Just like the world around us, plants are constantly moving and developing, and therefore the tubs and flowerpots aren’t static; their appearance changes throughout the day. Depending on where the sun is in the sky, the hexagonal pattern will be in light or shade; thanks to the depth of the pattern, there’s a natural interplay on the surface as the light is reflected from the geometric shapes.

The tubs and flowerpots can be used outdoors or indoors. They are weatherproof and perfect for the Nordic climate.


There are two different tubs and three different flowerpots to choose from, each quite different, depending on the firing process and the distribution of the heat in the kiln.


Have you talked to your plant today? They say plants grow better if we talk to them once in a while.


Christian Bruun has managed to use the hexagons to create a unique interplay of shadows on the surface of the tubs and flowerpots. The contrast between illumination and darkness brings the geometric structures to life in a fascinating way, and the surrounding light becomes just as important to the appearance of the tub as its physical shape. Light makes all the difference to plants – and determines how you experience the GRO range.



Every part of the GRO range is unique, and there are several reasons for this. First, they are handmade, so that the tub or pot takes on the life that only human hands can give it. They have a charming unevenness that adds edge and authenticity, and there’s something natural and vibrant about each tub and pot. Secondly, the week-long firing process determines the final result. Depending on how the heat is distributed in the huge furnace, the tubs and flowerpots are fired to differing extents and take on their own unique appearance. A complex, transformative process, with captivating results every time.


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