Kontur collection

Vases with perfect contours


Each contour is a small masterpiece in itself. The vases with the perfectly curved shapes stand as a sculptural decor element in your home with and without flowers - alone or in a larger bunch. Contour is a series of five vases created on the occasion of Kähler's 180th anniversary by internationally renowned ceramicist Turi Heisselberg Pedersen. Inspired by historical craftsmanship and architecture, she has created brand new vase forms that with iconic qualities go far into the future.


Seen from the artists eyes

Since Turi Heisselberg Pedersen was educated as an art ceramicist at the Design School in Kolding in 1990, her works have found their way to museums and private collections around the world. Often, her ceramic designs are strongly architecturally inspired, and this is to a great extent also for Kontur, which is characterized by fine facade decorations and balusters. Take a stroll through the city streets - remember to look up - and dwell on the old architectural gems on building facades and entrances. Then you see the city through the eyes of the artist.



Five unique vases

Choose one favorite or combine several into a unique personal decor. The varying shapes, heights and volumes make it easy to decorate personally with flowers - one of the spring branches with slender buds, a careless trench bouquet or a love statement in a rushing bloom. Each vase is completely its own with or without flowers, but the sculptural aesthetic only becomes more unique the more you put together.



Soft contours

Perfectly curved shapes let light and shadows play on the vase - at intervals.


Different shapes

Kontur is defined by the interaction between the swinging forms




Silkmat finish

A beautiful outline depends on light being reflected and creating shadows. On Kontur, the sculptural features are emphasized with a beautiful shadow play in silk glaze. The vases are available in two muted colors, blue and white, which bring Nordic elegance into your home and give way to nature's endless shades.






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