Nobili in new neutral colours

New colour for Nobili

Nobili in new neutral colours

When Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker designed the series Nobili, they put Kähler's ceramic DNA and Nordic Christmas on a common design formula, which today has become a modern classic. The cone and spherical candlesticks and organic ceramic window hangings with glossy glaze effect are full of ambiance and materiality and fit perfectly as decoration in even the most minimalist Christmas home.

With this year's new glazes in Warm Gray and Nude Pantone shades, the Nobili range adds trendy neutrals to Nordic Christmas.

Contrast between light and shadow

As light nations, the Nordic region is a major consumer of candles. Not least for Christmas, where the light culture is part of the rituals from the Advent wreath to the culmination of the tree Christmas Eve.

However, traditions benefit from renewal - and with Nobili, Kähler brings a playful expression to December's décor with the series's charismatic ceramic objects, which have been given new colors and play decorative on the contrast between light and shade as the light flows out of the stakes and hits the surface.

Inspired by the scandinavian winter forest

The Nobili series consists of stylized cone lighthouse candlesticks and geometric spherical shape, which naively, but ultra-elegantly, draws inspiration from the Scandinavian winter forest.

Nobili's modern interpretation of Christmas traditions also includes a decorative ball for hanging in the window. Like the candle holders, the decoration ball has lots of hand-cut holes scattered carelessly throughout the surface, providing a unique and playful light play. With a base of unglazed ceramics and shiny glossy running glaze, the Nobili series plays with the surfaces and matches the tactile megatrend of the time, while maintaining the Kähler 180-year craft tradition, where the interaction between the ceramics and the glaze has been a focal point, generation after generation.

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