Iconic design for 180 years

Ever since the first vase was turned at the pottery workshop in Næstved, crafts, creativity and artistic collaborations have been part of Kähler's DNA - and the art of ceramics continues to be the focus. Not least this year, when we celebrate our 180th anniversary in collaboration with internationally acclaimed ceramicist Turi Heisselberg Pedersen, who for this special occasion has created five monumental unique vases that pay homage to Kähler's roots.

At the historic Kähler workshop, potters and pioneers worked with the pioneering desire to create art for the people, and over time, the workshop evolved into an association of creative fire souls who, with profiles such as Svend Hammershøi and Kai Nielsen, explored and challenged the artistic potential of pottery and placed it outside the walls of the museum.

Today, Kähler's “artist colony” is given the same meaning for Danish pottery as Skagen had for painting - and 180 years after its founding, Kähler continues to write living art history. Now in collaboration with design profiles, artists and designers who understand materials and elevate the ceramic heritage into the future with surfaces, design and experimental glazing techniques leading the way. The result is modern ceramics in a timeless design language that appeals widely, but is interpreted individually as both an art of use and interior decoration in the personal home.

CHART Design fair

At this year's CHART Design Fair, we exhibited Kähler's historic design portfolio of iconic shapes for 180 years. We also presented the five unique works, created by Turi Heisselberg, worth 10,000 - 17,000 DKK. Win one of the sculptural works in our anniversary competition. CHART is an annual recurring arts & design event that celebrates art, architecture and design over three days.

Unique creations by Turi Heisselberg

Kähler's anniversary is marked by five unique vases created in collaboration with acclaimed ceramicist Turi Heisselberg Pedersen.

With their craftsmanship and artistic quality, the vases reflect on Kähler's mission to create modern art in a timeless design language that appeals widely as both an art of use and interior decoration in the personal home. The sculptural unique vases are created in the intersection of the natural and the architectural.

The inspiration is taken from the metropolitan city's fine, old building facades, which with their curved shapes perfectly match the organic character of the clay. The natural expression is emphasized with matte glazes that almost blend with the clay and give the vases a dry, stone-like surface.

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