Hammershøi Christmas

- a touch of modern Christmas magic




Hammershøi set is created as a tribute to the world-renowned artist Svend Hammershøi, who was associated with Kähler's ceramic workshop for a lifetime - and with Hammershøi Christmas continues the dedication to the strong relationships and traditions that every year knock on in December and insist on togetherness and fun .

Although the decorations of the frame parts are kept in a modern line, the white Hammershøi porcelain canvas adds to ultra-classic Christmas motifs such as the nutcracker, the braided Christmas heart and the star hanging on the larch - for the Christmas symbolism is not subject to model suns.

However, Hammershoi's continuous color palette of spruce green and brownish brown nevertheless bridges the Nordic interior trend of the time, where botanical and earthy tones characterize interior design and table decoration in beautiful synergy with the megatrend of dried flowers.



In 2018, Kähler's classic Hammershøi range is a touch of modern Christmas magic when artist Rikke Jacobsen put watercolor decoration on the white-rimmed porcelain and turned it into Hammershøi Christmas. Rikke Jacobsen is a contemporary artist specialized in making art that have a naturalistic and poetic touch. Her designs are inspired by both botanical and delicate, divergent compositions. The Hammershøi range itself was designed by Hans-Christian Bauer.

Hammershøi Christmas has a rational, but also sophisticated and traditional design that caters to Christmas fans and design lovers with purified Peter's Christmas aesthetics and Nordic applied arts DNA.

Now Kähler is taking Christmas cheer to new heights with the launch of Hammershøi's Christmas set and bonbonniere, which evocatively stages Christmas delights.



Hammershoi's range has grown in line with the popularity of the Christmas celebration. Today, the parts of the frame contain enough coverage for all December meals from brunch to lunch and Christmas dinner, but also tempt the more minimalist style, with some elements gathering the Christmas mood.

New in the universe - and Suitable for both purposes - is the simple but expressive layout, available in two sizes and as a quirky surprise, hides the decorations on the inside of the bowl among the delights of Christmas.

The Bonbonnier, also new from this season, adds on the other hand, lids for lots of eye-catching decoration, thus lifting one of the most popular design items of the time, the lid, into Christmas table cover for sweets and sweets and for storing jewelry and other precious little things around the home.


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