At Kähler, we are constantly striving to combine our unique cultural heritage with the ambition to be a leader on the ceramic arts scene, both nationally and internationally. We take the best of the artistic ceramic heritage and interpret it in a contemporary light.


The historic Kähler workshop was a meeting place for many of the very greatest Danish artists, such as Thorvald Bindesbøll, Svend Hammershøi and Kai Nielsen. Today, we are continuing this tradition of collaboration with the most significant and skilled art and design talents of our time, including the ceramicist Jeanette List Amstrup, the designer duo Stilleben and the artist Louise Hindsgavl. 
Meet Kähler's great designers and artist and learn more about their professional background and designs for Kähler.

Handmade since 1839

Every single contemporary Kähler design is a tribute to Kähler's unique history and a celebration of its well-preserved craft traditions, as well as a striking reflection of the present. 

The ceramic creations are always handmade, just as they were 175 years ago when the whole Kähler adventure began. In those days women ceramic painters hand-decorated the ceramics with cow's horn at the old Kählersbakken, and today every single wonderful glaze and color is still always individually created according to Kähler's ceramics craft traditions. 


The company’s history and traditions live on in every single hand-made item we produce, and in the modern design that makes up a large part of many people’s lives. Because Kähler is now a vital part of the Danish cultural heritage, as well as being one of Scandinavia’s most popular and innovative brands, combining authentic history with contemporary design and Nordic restaurant experiences. 


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