At Kähler, we are very proud to have been part of Danish cultural heritage for over 175 years. Therefore, we often refer to Kähler's history to find inspiration for new ceramic products. That was precisely what we did when we developed the Hammershøi range in partnership with Hans-Christian Bauer.

The Hammershøi tableware is named after the artist Svend Hammershøi. Svend Hammershøi (1873-1948) was an illustrator, painter and trained potter. He joined Kähler in 1893 and worked at the workshop until his death in 1948. So Svend Hammershøi was the artist attached to Kähler's workshop for the longest time.

Over the years, Svend Hammershøi became a world-renowned artist, and his works can be seen at museums around the world. However, when he joined Kähler, he was very interested in learning the art of design, and therefore, he worked many hours at the potter's wheel in the beginning. He was particularly fond of hand-throwing the large jars and vases thereby giving them the exact unique expression he wanted.


From 1904, Svend Hammershøi solely worked for Kähler, and he decided to leave the throwing work and craftsmanship to the craftsmen at the workshop so that he would be able to focus on creating sketches and drawings of the design for the professionals.

Svend Hammershøi's design is characterised by the powerful shapes and distinct furrows which are replicated throughout his entire production. The design of the present Hammershøi tableware is inspired by these very furrows.

During his lifetime and for many years after, Svend Hammershøi has been of unique importance to Kähler's workshop and its development. Today, Svend Hammershøi's works live on in the Hammershøi range named after the old artist. Kähler's present logo, HAK, that decorates all Kähler's products has also been designed by Svend Hammershøi.


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