Kähler Christmas Tin Soldier H12,5 cm


Art. nr. 693221

Width: 5 cm Height: 12,5 cm Depth: 4 cm

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Let the Christmas spirit descend over your home with this tin soldier from Kähler’s Christmas collection. With Hammershøi’s Christmas collection in mind, these decorative figures were created as a development of the beautiful motif adorning that collection. The tin soldier is 13 centimetres tall, making it perfect as a windowsill or dining table ornament. It’s great with a candle, but it can also happily stand as its own ornament. You can combine different Christmas collections from Kähler with this decorative figure, so you can create your very own, unique Christmas table. The tin soldier accompanies the snowman and angel from the same collection perfectly.

Kähler Design


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